关于房子及其重要的说明(About the house and its important notes)





  • 关于物件房子的重要说明有以下几点
    • 登记记录,记载事项


  • 房屋法令与房屋限制的说明



  • 关于道路



  • 房屋是否在防灾区域内


  • 饮用水供给以及排水设施


  • 如果你是在房屋建成之前购买的话,会有房屋建成后的形状和构造的详细说明


  • 关于售房的条件重要说明有以下几点
    • 土地的价格,房屋的价格,以及消费税,合计金额的记录以及说明
    • 代金,交换差代金以外的缴纳金和缴纳目的



  • 关于违约的说明


  • 损害赔偿预定金和违约金


  • 关于贷款的说明




  • 房屋的契约不适合担保责任保证保险契约等的措置


  • 其他注意事项




About the house and its important notes


  1. Important explanations about object houses include the following points
    • Registration records and recorded matters                          Records of registered ownership of land and buildings
    • Explanation of housing laws and housing restrictions Regional classification, urban planning restrictions, building standards, etc. For example, the height of the house, whether it can be renovated in the future,
    • About roads

Explanation of matters related to private affairs and fair burdens

For example, how many meters is the road in front of your house, how long is the connecting road, and whether it is a private road or a public road? There will be records and explanations.

  • Whether the house is within the disaster prevention area

Confirmation of soil and sand disaster warning areas, Tsunami disaster areas, etc. Natural disasters are ruthless, so be sure to confirm the area where your house is located

  • Drinking water supply and drainage facilities

Detailed records and explanations of drinking water piping, gas types, electrical distribution, sewage piping, etc.

  • If you purchase the house before it is built, there will be a detailed description of the shape and structure of the house after it is built.
  1. Important instructions regarding the conditions for selling a house include the following points
    • Record and explanation of the price of land, house price, consumption tax, and total amount
    • Payment fees and payment purposes other than vouchers and exchange difference vouchers

If you paid a down payment, detailed instructions will be recorded here.

If you want to terminate the contract, there will be specific instructions in the contract.

  • Explanation on breach of contract

Liquidated damages are still a large amount of money

  • Damage compensation deposit and liquidated damages

The specific matters of compensation and liquidated damages will be recorded and explained in the contract.

  • Instructions on loans

If you buy a house with cash, there is no such item.

The loan interest and number of years will vary depending on your residence status, length of stay, annual income, and the lending bank. Even if you are not permanently resident, some Japanese banks have opened loan windows. For details, you can consult with the intermediary company or bank.